Clients & Partners

Excell IT works with customers from all walks of life and from different business verticals across North America including: Financial, Health Care, Construction, Engineering, Mining, Accounting, Legal, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation, Property Management, and Sports and Entertainment, to name a few.

We have the ability and our team is well positioned to help the small startup aiming to establish a digital footprint to the large enterprise seeking advanced IT solutions, no matter the IT need we can cater to your requirements. We understand that every business is different so whether you are making Sheetmetal, building Skyscrapers, providing Health Care services or anything in-between, if you have an IT requirement contact Excell IT to learn how we can help.

Excell IT is committed to providing best in class solutions and service

As such we carefully select and work with world-class partners like Dell, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, BlackPoint, PKWARE, Beanfield, to name a few. We are able to leverage our strategic partnerships to help solve real world business problems and keep you focused on your core business functions.

If your office were to burn,
would your business burn with it?